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Dani-Hi offers training for military, law enforcement and security professionals, both domestically and internationally.

Dani-Hi is a major domestic importer and distributor of small-caliber firearms, ammunition and security products.

Dani hi ranges from above, drone photo
a man dressed as a soldier, photographed with weapon and a helmet at the range
woman and man with guns near a geep


Our crown jewel, “Dani-Hi Academy” is Israel’s largest civilian training compound, a dedicated site offering:

  • 16 different shooting zones, all safely operating simultaneously in close vicinity
  • Military grade CT urban tactical training center, including medical and close-contact “Krav Maga” training facilities
  • Conference halls and lecture halls
  • Dining facilities and over-night accommodations
  • Firearms training for the civilian population, from basic training to advanced tactical courses
  • Recreational shooting, practical shooting and an active clay target league
  • Store
  • Firearm Licensing Information and Service Center


With decades of experience in the field of combat training, our top of the line battle-hardened, ex-special units instructors provide local training services in Israel as well as in over 24 locations world-wide, training combat and tactical professionals for the public and private sectors.
Dani-Hi Academy offers versatile custom professionals training programs for various security and protection scenarios:

  • Counter-terrorism (CT) and close combat training for law enforcement and military units
  • Facilities and infrastructures security, internal and external
  • Public transport security
  • Naval transport security
  • VIP & Executive protection (EP)
  • Firearms training for all levels, from basic training to special units tactical combat training
Krav maga black helmets
כיתת לימוד במטווח, שולחנות וכיסאות מול לוח לבן, טלויזיה ומחשב
red and black boxing gloves in a pile
black 1.5 kg weights in a pile
training black vests in a row


Dani-Hi Academy is also a considerable local importer and distributor of small-caliber firearms, ammunition and security products: 

  • Annual distribution of over 10,000,000 rounds
  • Annual distribution of over 5,000 small firearms
  • Annual distribution of various tactical and other products in large quantities (optics, firearms after-markets and accessories, tactical gear, and more)
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